About Me


Independent artist, songwriter, and singer Robert Hawkins has experienced life at the high moments of greatness and honor and has lived through low and turbulent pits of anguish.  He writes music and sings about an infallible hope called Jesus.  With his music and his incredible testimony, he is dedicated to helping others find that same hope and victory.

Robert's Billboard Chart-topping EP - RESERVED and HAPPY Music DVD debuted at #10 on the Billboard Top Music Videos Chart, kept the one-man machine traveling throughout the country before the global halt to touring due to the pandemic.  While grounded, Robert continued to write music and work on a follow-up to his hit single "Finished Work".  

Robert's new single, "Things Will Work Out" is what the world needs to hear and experience after almost three years of uncertain times.  His compelling new song encourages listeners to push through doubt, fear, and trials and know that God will bring peace, victory, and work all things out for good.  

Listen to "Things Will Work Out"

"Things Will Work Out" features Wess Morgan and Minon Sarten.  The single is available on all digital music outlets.  

Robert has also released a companion lyric video for the single.  You can watch and share the "Things Will Work Out" lyric video on Youtube.  

Robert's ministry extends beyond music into a very personal mission to see people holistically well.  His battle with addiction and triumph in recovery led him to launch THE RECOVERY GATHERING.  This tour is special.  Robert created this to offer a safe space where those who suffer from addiction, mental illness, trauma, or any need of rehabilitation can gather to celebrate recovery through the Word of God and songs of worship.  The RECOVERY GATHERING Tour is free to the public.  The tour is underway through September 24 and routes through Los Angeles, San Diego, Atlanta, Louisville, Lexington, Kalamazoo, Chicago, and New London.  Visit iAmRHawkins.com for more information on how to contribute to THE RECOVERY GATHERING. 

In addition to The Recovery Gathering Tour, Robert keeps an exciting schedule ministering music from coast to coast.  You can find hope and experience Robert singing  "Things Will Work Out" this summer in a city near you.